Pisces For March 5, 2015

Today’s Horoscope

New ventures are on the anvil. You might not be able to handle emotional situation too well. Before travelling make sure you are not forgetting relevant papers and files. A friend will be a source of immense happiness. Children will offer joy and lot of interesting ideas.

Pisces Characteristics

Pisces is one of the gentlest souls among the Zodiac signs and one of the most affectionate. Pisces are easy to get along with and typically accepting of those around them which is the reason they often find themselves among many different type personalities. Pieces tend to extend themselves emotionally which leads to an atmosphere of quiet appreciation. Pisces are enjoyable and others find them comfortable to be around. Although Pisces are not often the leader of the pack, they do hold a strong and dynamic presence in matters in which they apply themselves. 

Strengths: Musical, wise, gentle, artistic, compassionate, intuitive

Weaknesses: The tendency to not want to confront reality, sad, trusting to a degree of fault, fearful, tends to play the role of a martyr or victim

Charismatic marks: Face carries their emotion, sometimes frail to medium build, soft

Likes: Swimming, music, romance, time spent sleeping, visual media, time alone, spiritual themes

Dislikes: Meanness of all types, being put down, things from the past haunting them in the present, people who “know-it-all”

Best environment: The movie theater, anywhere near water, preferably the sea